Welcome to Piñones

Piñones are a new style of word puzzle with a myriad of places to be enjoyed. These puzzles are perfect for newspapers, escape rooms, trivia nights, or even a personal card to a word puzzle enthusiast. They combine a crossword-style grid where words can be backwards, with a word scramble that is an anagram of the grid, giving the solver a double-dose of enjoyment.

Example puzzle - 9 letters

The classic Piñone mini, a 3x3 grid and a 9-letter anagram. Perfect for a 3-5 minute break!

Piñone instructions

Example puzzle - 16 letters

The original Piñone in the classic 4x4 orientation. Perfect for a 5-10 minute break!

Request custom Piñone puzzles

Looking to get some personalized puzzles? Send us an email at admin@pinones.ca with a description of what you're thinking and we'll get started right away!