What can Piñones do?

Piñones are incredibly versatile. The core premise is that the grid and final solution are anagrams of each other, but beyond that there is lots of room for creativity and customization. 

The most common customization is a niche word list. If your custom puzzle is set for an audience who share a common understanding of a certain topic, then if you provide a word list of unique terms to that topic, we can include them for consideration when we create your puzzle (no guarantees though!).

Piñones has standard grids, but non-standard grids can be set if your puzzling needs must fit certain dimensions. A true Piñone must have each grid cell belonging to two words, but exceptions can be made if needed!

Past projects have even included piecing together 10 piñones puzzles to create a pixel art image of movie posters and cartoon characters!

Let us know your thoughts and needs at admin@pinones.ca, and I'm sure we'll create something exciting together!