Pixoñel 2 Competition Details!

Welcome to the second ever Piñones competition! Please review the details below carefully. 

Theme and competition

The theme of the puzzles in this pack is Classic Movies. So make sure you brush up on the classics before we dive in! The competition will start on April 30, 2022.

Sign-up deadline is April 28, 2022 at 11:59pm EST.

There will be 11 puzzles to complete all relating to classic movies. Everyone who completes all 11 puzzles will receive an exclusive Verified Piñoneer NFT. 

* image subject to change slightly

In addition, everyone who completes all 11 puzzles will be entered into a draw for some LRC. 

The prize pool starts at 30 LRC and increases with each person who joins the competition!

  • 1st draw: 25% of prize pool
  • 2nd draw: 15% of prize pool
  • 3rd, 4th, 5th draw: 10% of prize pool
  • 6th through 11th: 5% of the prize pool

Depending on how fast you complete the puzzles, you will get extra submissions, however, you choose your start time so you’re not at a disadvantage due to time zone differences! Your completion time will be determined by your start time and submission time. When you sign up for the competition, you can select which time slot to start the competition.

  • 1st solver - 15 submissions to the draw
  • 2nd solver - 10 submission to the draw
  • 3rd-5th solvers - 8 submissions to the draw
  • 6th-10th solvers - 5 submissions to the draw
  • 11th-20th solvers - 3 submissions to the draw
  • 21st-50th solvers - 2 submissions to the draw
  • 51st solver and later - 1 submission to the draw 

You can only win one draw. For example, if you win the first draw, then the remainder of your submissions are removed from subsequent draws. 

But wait there's more! The next instalment in the Pixoñel series by BTCorn is here! It comes with a chance to win the animated Pixoñel NFT. Check out last competition's Pixoñel!

pixonel explanation


This time, only 2 animated NFTs of the pixoñel and 6 still-image NFTs of the pixoñel will be created. 

The shortest time from start of the pixoñel to submission of the Pixoñel will receive the first animated NFT.

The second animated pixoñel NFT will go to public auction.

For the still-image NFTs, five will be given in a random draw to those who complete the pixoñel. The final still-image NFT will go to a private auction with only those who completed the pixoñel, winners of animated and still-image NFTs are included! 


Cost to enter: 5 LRC sent to kjiv.loopring.eth (0x1AE6edE6623a995D52596007966901a478Ad635F).

If you are an owner of a Verified Piñoneer NFT, then the cost to enter is only 4 LRC.

  • 25% will go to the Puzzlegang prize pool for future large-scale events
  • 25% will be added to the total prize pool for this event
  • The rest covers NFT minting and sending costs, and helps there be more Piñones in the Red Packet channel!

What you get

  • 11 themed piñone puzzles
  • Upon completion of the 11 main puzzles: an exclusive Verified Piñoneer NFT
  • Upon completion of the 11 main puzzles: a chance to win a percentage of 30+ LRC. Last competition had a 60 LRC prize pool!
  • Chance to win a rare Pixoñel NFT

How to enter the competition

Fill out this Google Form!

Best of luck to all!