Piñone Competition Preamble


Thanks again for signing up for the first ever Piñone/Pixoñel competition!

As you’ve read, everyone who completes all 10 of the Piñones will receive a Verified Piñoneer NFT. What wasn’t announced is that this NFT will be used to give discounts for future competitions, and have access to more fun puzzles in the future! Only 26 of these NFTs have been made, one for each of you!

Additionally, for this competition, we’ve had an anonymous donor provide one extra NFT, but they’ve asked that the details remain hidden until the end! 

The final prize pool for the 10 piñones is 57.5 LRC!

1st draw - 28.75 LRC
2nd draw - 14.38 LRC
3rd draw - 5.75 LRC
4th, 5th, 6th draw - 2.88 LRC 

Plus of course the 25 LRC for being the fastest solver of Pixoñel! And the fastest 10 get the image as an NFT!

Now, please read the following carefully:

  1. I have sent you all your personalized links. They won’t become live until the time you specified in the sign up form.
  1. On the link are the images for all the Piñones. I’d suggest being ready with a pen and paper. When you solve each grid, I’d add the title above it so you can quickly reference it during submission.
  1. When you complete the 10 Piñones, there is a Google Form link at the bottom of your page. Don’t open or complete the form until you are done all 10 Piñones. Remember that solving a Piñone requires you to solve the grid and the fill-in-the-blank, you will need to submit both. I trust all of you, but I have some anti-cheat methods built-in due to the staggered start times. I hope it goes without saying, but do not post hints or share answers during the competition. This can lead to disqualification.
  1. There are multiple Google Forms, so please read the instructions presented when you submit a Google Form - they tell you where to go or what to do next! Read the headings for the questions as well, they can be easy to miss.
  1. When you believe you have solved the final Pixoñel image, please DM the image to me, OliveSheep#6308 in Discord! 
  1. Due to the staggered start times, I won’t know winners until it is all over and everyone submits. So those of you with early start times, please be patient!
  1. The condition for winning the Pixoñel is fastest time between submitting the completed Piñone answers to DMing me the Pixoñel image - not overall time. The Piñone solve time is used to determine your entries into the LRC draw.

  2. When you reach the Pixoñel, you are given the image map as a .png file. Open it to see the map! To find the key, also open it as a .txt file or open it in a Notepad app - make sure to scroll down as there is a bit of gibberish to start!

Okay, enough of that! I really hope you all enjoy the Classic Rock Piñones! :D Best of luck to you all!!